I want to take the time to write a personal greeting to say thank you to all my family, friends and fans, for your continual love and support.

On this site you will feel the music and the passion of my lyrics, as well as the motivation and love I have for life.

As many of you know, my battle with Cancer is over, I have not only WON; I have learned great lessons during this painful ordeal, important life lessons that I will never forget, and for which I will forever remain grateful. I believe we are tested in so many ways on our journey towards our dreams and goals. With faith and love, I have fully recovered and I am healthier than ever before. A new journey has begun, with a new vision and a motivation to not only write great music and perform around the world, but also to make this world a better place and share all I can with each of you.

With the love of music in my heart and soul, new projects are coming to fruition; I will focus my energy and vibrations on giving the best of myself, all with the beautiful sounds, rhythms, and melodies of REAL MUSIC.

Rest your mind, only then will life be kind.
John Fuoco

To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.
Anatole France